“Your challenge is to be an excellent driver, not just a good one”

Out on the road, you proudly display the XPO Logistics brand colours, which make you visible, recognisable and emblematic of our company. This is why we generally say that our drivers are key brand ambassadors in the eyes of our customers and the general public. For all these reasons, you also have to set an example. XPO Logistics drivers are not happy just to be good drivers – they strive to be excellent drivers. In full compliance with road safety regulations, you guarantee the quality of services provided by our company and its reputation. The satisfaction of our customers depends on your everyday commitment and excellent standards of your service.

Trained in defensive driving techniques, you will drive a new and clean vehicle, which includes the latest technological innovations and is maintained by a network of professionals. You are conscious of the environmental impact of your work and aim to keep your truck’s pollutant emissions to a minimum.


What you can offer:

You are committed and proud to belong to a leading European transport group and to drive new and well-maintained vehicles. As part of your everyday work, you contribute to our company’s performance and customer satisfaction.

Are you exemplary, motivated, independent and aware of environmental safety? If so, you have all that it takes to work as a XPO Logistics driver.


Together, we develop:

Drivers can work towards assuming the role of driver-instructor or operator.