Luxury Goods

XPO Logistics provides supply chain solutions as desirable as the products themselves

We work extensively with some of the world’s most celebrated names to deliver a wide range of made-to-measure supply chain services globally. Warehousing on highly secure sites, order preparation, customs engineering and clearance, deliveries to your points of sales, we provide highly flexible solutions with highest quality service to reflect the premium nature of your brand.

  • We are committed to providing you with accurate bespoke supply chain solutions, without compromising on quality or the level of service, whatever your sales channel (own shops, multi-brand shops, e-commerce, etc.).
  • We design made-to-measure manual or automated logistics process within highly-secure facilities.
  • Our recognized expertise in IT systems ensures 0 default stock management and order preparation, and enables full traceability at each step of the supply chain.
  • We draw upon the strength of our global and local transport network ensuring door-to-door solutions so that your goods cross the borders and arrive on time at the right place.
  • Our expertise on customs engineering and clearance makes us a strong partner when it comes to enter some specific markets like Russia.
  • We are firmly committed to reduce our environmental footprint investing in last technologies such as 100% electric vehicles to deliver city center shops for example.
  • We guarantee and provide you the security of your goods all along the supply chain.


Improve your supply chain performance with XPO Logistics

  • Get a partner who shares your quality and security requirements.
  • Benefit from made-to-measure supply chain solutions and from continuous improvement plan
  • Ensure that your luxury goods are delivered at the right place, at the right time, in the right conditions, whatever the country, whatever the sales channel, including e-commerce.
  • Electronic products