Looking for an effective tailor-made logistics solution to optimise your flows and costs? 

It is vital for businesses to preserve their competitive advantage by way of an optimised supply chain, which ensures the satisfaction of their own customers. When it comes to achieving this, the XPO Logistics experts are your best partners in the field of ambient and temperature controlled logistics. They can design tailor-made logistics solutions for any sector (textiles, food industry, consumer goods, retail, white goods, D-I-Y, etc.) and thus add value to your products and packaging so that you can market them even more effectively to your end customers.

What sets us apart:
  • We prioritise operational excellence: getting it right the first time and implementing a continuous improvement process are key objectives for the XPO Logistics logistics teams.
  • A close working relationship, combined with highly attentive hands-on management of specially tailored projects
  • Our ability to innovate and use cutting-edge technologies to provide you with flexible, responsive, real-time solutions.
  • Management of all your expectations, combined with solutions that adapt to your supply chain, regardless of your sectors, markets, products, flows, facilities, etc.


Our expert ambient and temperature controlled logistics services

Focus: “Solution design” and how we create tailor-made solutions 

 Our creative and innovative engineering and IT teams make the most of their understanding of processes and technologies to help improve your performance.

  • We get to know you properly and we get involved
  • We adapt our solutions and design your logistics plan according to your needs, not ours
  • You benefit from a tailor-made solution, which is fully integrated into your processes and boosts your performance


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