Port Logistics in Antwerp

Our best-in-class portside logistics solutions provide you with a gateway to Europe - and beyond

Ports provide a gateway into - and out of - a continent. It is in these strategic locations that freight management meets with regional logistics operations. XPO Logistics can offer you a fast and efficient service, with plenty of added value options. We have a reputation for providing best-in-class portside logistics services - particularly in Antwerp, Belgium.

XPO Logistics in Antwerp: a Gateway to Europe 


Together with Rotterdam and Hamburg, Antwerp is a major gateway into Europe, with some 1000 containers loaded or unloaded every hour. Antwerp is in a very strategic location and close to 70% of all European Distribution Centres are located in the Benelux area.


As Europe's largest feeder hub and in combination with options for multimodal onward distribution, Antwerp is an ideal location from which to steer goods to their ultimate destination. Our facility in the heart of Antwerp, with our range of service capabilities and supported by our strong European presence, means we are well placed to manage your goods flows from point of origin through to final destination.


Antwerp: Our Solution  

  • 120,000 m² of high quality warehousing including a bonded facility
  • 160,000 m³ of temperature controlled frozen and fresh warehousing
  • 15,000 m² of roofed container stuffing, consolidation and de-consolidation area
  • 30,000 m² of protected outside storage
  • Added-value services including order preparation, assembly, retail labelling, co-packing, re-packing, product customisation and quality control - all to your specification
  • Direct access to the port terminals and over-sized products handling facilities
  • Two on-site rail connections allowing rail distribution throughout Europe
  • Barge connections linking Antwerp with all inland terminals
  • Access to our robust, 100% ADR compliant European road network 
  • Phytosanitary control and food testing, HACCP approved
  • Freight forwarding services
  • Fiscal representation, customs clearance, duties, excises and VAT solutions that will optimise your financial flows


Your Benefits 

  • A range of temperatures to suit the nature of your product from -23°C to +25°C 
  • Shared-user warehousing concept guarantees you only pay for what you use and with the flexibility to increase/decrease capacity in line with import/export volumes and seasonal demands
  • Ideally situated for onward multimodal transportation
  • Support of our 8,000 strong vehicle fleet - with 95% meeting Euro V and VI environmental standards
  • Guaranteed compliance with customs procedures
  • Our Belgian freight forwarding business has fully implemented SAP's leading transportation management software for full visibility and control and reporting
  • High levels of pick accuracy and rapid order completion
  • In a true position to manage your end-to-end supply chain


With our diverse range of capabilities and facilities, we can service practically any sector, but our specific expertise lies in the following sectors: chemicals, metals, perishable (fresh and frozen) foodFMCG  and industrial products.