European Pallet Network - Red Europe

Regular, reliable and secure pallet distribution across the continent via our robust European network.

Down to individual pallets, the XPO Logistics teams are committed to helping you make a difference when it comes to exports throughout Europe. As the leading European fleet, XPO Logistics uses its inter-connected domestic networks to provide you with a continuous service, by means of straightforward contracts and solutions that match both your specifications and the size of your flows. 

Your performance factors
  • 100% traceability, which enables you to track your shipments: pick-up orders automatically transmitted by EDI, on-line delivery tracking in real time
  • A flawless service, which secures the loyalty of your customers: meeting deadlines and making deliveries to the right place, using clean vehicles.
  • A single dedicated point of contact from when you place your first order. 

Our expertise: Express pallet delivery in Europe
  • Services adapted to your deadlines and requirements
  • An integrated network of distribution specialists in France, Spain, Portugal and the UK
  • A network of contractual partners who meet the specifications defined by XPO Logistics
  • A 100% ADR network, which has the necessary skills to handle all products (standard dimensions, outsize pallets, ADR and non-ADR classified products, high added value, sensitive and fragile products…)
  • Real environmental awareness: secure transport for all types of goods, trained drivers, Europe’s must cutting-edge fleet, commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions